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No matter whether your game is intended for mobile devices, consoles, PCs, browser or a classic „analog“ casino machines – we‘ll find the right sound for your game‘s concept and platform.

We deliver the „epic orchestra“ just as well as indie-rock, brute doomsday moods, far away worlds, the right character voice or a single Pong-sound in the right place: We produce dynamic, adjusting-to-gameflow soundtracks, fully scored cut-scenes or even eprom compatible 4 second loops in any genre in a creative and contemporary fashion. We support the gameflow without distracting from it.

We also love to implement our sounds via middleware (e.g. fmod, wwise, etc.) and connect directly to your game engine. So you can concentrate on designing your game without worrying about audio levels, masking, reverbs, positioning,…. And should you require a trailer or localisation for your games we’re also able to help you

We know the demands of game development and find the route between game technical requirements, intended effect and artistic vision that leads to:

A „complete“ game.