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We provide original music, sound effects, recording and sound engineering services to the games and communication industries. Our facilities feature true recording studios with high-end gear, analog beauties, surround sound, big-screen mixing, cozy recording rooms and several DAWs loaded with the best the digital audio realm has to offer.

big picture

We take great care to keep our eye on the ‘big picture’ throughout the whole production process. Definition of target groups and results of market research are analyzed thoroughly. Aspects which may pertain to the audio design are evaluated, combined with the findings of other relevant disciplines (sociology, psychology, etc.) and implemented into the audio concept. After all┬áthe majority of our productions is not about ‘pure art’ but about achieving a communication task – maybe even artistically.

It is our primary goal that your production budget is able to reach maximum impact. To ensure this we coordinate scope, time line and budget in detail with you. Gladly extensively, in different versions or repeatedly. And we really do it gladly. In respect to artistic or technical quality of our work we will not go for trade-offs though. For more information check out our various collaboration models here.


bottom line

Simply put: We’re not just another┬ájingle-house, no wannabe-pop-stars, nor a download library. So you won’t find elevator music, that “tune that was actually intended for the last record” or 500 unsorted button sounds around here. Everything we produce is tailored and handcrafted towards your game or communication goal. And that’s why our soundtracks perform the way they’re intended to do.