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Even aside from core audio content the development of most projects is complex enough as it is. No matter if it’s a game or an image spot. The time line always seems crunched, budget rarely elevates to other stages than tight and additional resources—dream on. So we thought you might be glad about any extra help you could get and hope we can spare you from going mad with the audio task of your project.

Though probably the best thing about these additional services is that we’re able to include most of these into your projects production plan at almost no additional charge for you. Just consider them a bonus! Feeling better already, right?

 Regarding your product …


Voice overs, narrators, character voices, creative instrumentalists, unusual ensembles… Fortunately Berlin is very much sought after as home-base by actors, musicians and creative spirits of every kind and from all over the world! We have a huge database of native speakers in almost any language, top-notch musicians, creative personnel of every kind … and we’re not afraid to use it for you!

hardware solutions

If your concern is not only sound itself but also how to get the sound to the recipient – maybe in a POS setting – we might also be able to help you. We have advised on a number of occasions on very divers projects. Some nifty examples can be found here or here.

implementation via middleware

Maybe your game is slightly more complex or you’re planning to do some really unusual or highly responsive sound stuff? Well, then it might be a good idea to implement the sound via middleware into the game! We’re rather familiar with the two main contenders fmod and wwise but are also able and willing to adjust to your custom solution. During the production process we don’t only compile all the sounds for each required platform into one ready-to-use (if necessary dailybuilt) bank but also help your game designers and programmers designing the right parameters to control the sound within the game for maximum impact. Sounds like help? We thought so!

rights clearing

You’d like to use some sound and don’t know if you may? Or who to pay for using it? We’ll find out for you or have experts at hand to tackle the tougher questions. In any case: You’ll have the answer and all the details in no time.

sound consulting

Well, sometimes it’s not about creating new content. Sometimes it’s just about the question what kind of sound or what style of music to use. We’ll analyze your product, target audience, market and a few other things and give you a detailed recommendation!

text editing

Regularly we come across voice over scripts that read quite good but speak terribly. There are a lot of things to consider when turning a text into a performable script. And on top: It also takes up a ridiculous amount of time if you don’t do it on a daily basis. To ensure that your intended message shines in great speech we cooperate with text editors, script and screen writers. So just hand over the sketches, we’ll work something out!

translation & localization

We cooperate with first-class translation service providers that do not only speak a certain language but also understand context and lingo of a given script. Furthermore many of our native speakers also work as translators and are great at double-checking a script while we’re recording. So if you need help getting your script translated let us know and we’ll take care of it for you – including QA.

Regarding your processes …

agile collaboration models

If you’re using agile development frameworks (e.g. scrum, XP, etc.) in your projects you’re most likely aware of the difficulties of communicating a not yet fully defined scope at the beginning of development towards external talent. Or giving your client reliable figures on expenses for said talent. All of this while staying agile, not blowing the budget and allowing the project to evolve creatively. If this sounds like you, we should here. We can help you on this one and make agility a lot easier.

fixed budget collaboration models

Fact 1: Your project needs sound.
Fact 2: Your budget is fixed.
Fact 3: You don’t want any additional charges here, no revision charges there.
Unfortunate real life scenario 1: Asking sound providers has returned you quotes that will have the whole projects budget … for breakfast. And then some.
Unfortunate real life scenario 2: Checking the library guys with their 5.000.000 jingles for 10 bucks a pop doesn’t fit your project artistically—and someone has to fiddle it somehow into your project on top. Needless to say you actually hired that someone to do something other than that.

Fortunate real life scenario: We can solve this puzzle for you! We’ll assure you, that we’re able to provide your project with all the sounds needed within your budget limits.

Not always, but most of the time.
And: Not by selling ourselves short, not by sloppy work, not by magic but with a lot of experience and creative thinking. Try us! 

handling of payments

We’ll gladly handle all payments towards voice or music talent, translators, text editors—observing and including all required taxes, fees and other expenses. You don’t have to bother. One stop only.

on-site service

Collaborating via email, phone, Skype, clouds, etc. works well. Yet sometimes it’d just be easier to sit at a real table with real people and get things done without keeping timezones in the back of your head. Especially while brainstorming creatively or fiddling with implementation. So if you’d like us to be where you are: We will.