We hear about the recent developments, the struggle of the BLM movement, the hardships faced by the LGBT community and various other forms of discrimination in respect to age, ability, descent, etc. reported every day. And we see their effects on social equality, job opportunities and the pursuit of happiness for each and everyone on this planet.

Like most companies, we believe in ourselves to be an equal oppportunity employer. And we also believe with all our heart that we do not base -nor have ever based- our recruitment decisions on prejudice or anything irrelevant in regards to the work we do.

Nonetheless, we decided to take a good, long look upon ourselves: Are we really as fair as we believe we are? Don’t we judge even in the slightest way? And most importantly: Can we be 100% sure of this?

The answer is: No, we can not be sure. People are biased. Maybe not consciously, but certainly unconsciously. They are biased by socialisation, by personal experiences, their childhood, the news, and on and on…. And people -obviously- includes us as well. Thus, we are also biased. If we’re aware of it or not. If we like it or not.

This insight hurts. It hurts because we want to be better than this. But this insight is also encouraging: Realising this fact is the first step in actively tackling and eventually overcoming it.

Thus we decided to change our recruitment process and strip away everything that might pose the slightest trigger for any unconscious bias we possibly might have – for as long as possible. Therefor:

  • We don’t ask you name. Since it might point towards your descent, nationality, gender, etc.
  • We don’t ask your date of birth. You’re neither too young nor too old.
  • We don’t ask for CV, diplomas, certificates or such. Also information which may guide us down that rabbit hole…

Obviously, in going forward, we’d need that information at one point… After all, it would be nice to know, how to call you and if there’s a paper stating you actually received that Ph.D. in rocket science… But to start the whole process this information is not necessary and we want to make sure that we only judge your application by your motivation, your qualification and