Month: December 2015

TON & SPOT audiodesign

Christmas Campaign for Berlin Dungeon / Merlin Entertainment

Take a look at the Dungeon Berlin’s christmas campaign… We’ve revamped the old carol to fit the story of the Dungeon (and seriously advice the use of headphones!). For the real fans there’s also a 21 minute POS background version – this only to be heard at the Dungeon itself though. Happy Holidays to all …

Viral campaign for Samsung S6, Gear S2 and Gear VR

For True motion pictures we’ve worked on a few spots for the latest Samsung gear…

2015 Timelapse

Just a quick run through a few of our recent tracks… Enjoy!

11 Freunde released vinyl double LP!

To celebrate their 10th anniversary of live reading tours the makers of the soccer magazine “11 Freunde” planned the release of a special live recording as limited edition on vinyl. We were very happy to realize such a cool project for a long time customer! The double LP (including mp3 download code) is now available …