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At least we had an asteroid!

We’re very proud of our collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme on their latest global climate campaign! It’s the first-ever film to be made inside the General Assembly Hall using computer-generated imagery and features global celebrities voicing the dinosaur in numerous languages, including actors Eiza González (Spanish), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Danish), Aïssa Maïga (French), and Hannah Herzsprung (German). Take a look and listen!


Short trailer for an animation feature.
Homemade foley, synth layers in the background … neat.


A funny, yet tragic story about a wannabe-superhero by Dennis Schanz and Stick-Up Films. Almost half of this movie features a full orchestra score. An epic hollywood inspired genre typical opus, heavily soaked in stereotypes.
A similarity between the protagonist and the orchestra:
Both are not real…. In case of the orchstra sounds we programmed and mixed with tremendous attention to detail to preserve the illusion as much as possible.


Trailer for an online-game on behalf of RABCAT (Vienna).
Music? Oh, we got both kinds in here: Country and Western …


Don‘t brejk maj …

“Don‘t brejk maj Turbofolk Hart” is a touching movie about the narrow-mindedness and dangerous ignorance of post-civil war serbian ultra-nationalism, about art, about turbofolk, about a relationship, about courage … and rightfully highly acclaimed on festivals throughout the world.

Directed by Miona Bogovic
Produced by zischlermann filmproduktion

Die Hochzeit

Beautiful black and white RBB/DFFB coproduction directed by Anika Wangard about the „familiarization“ of two families just before their kids wedding. One is from Brandenburg, the other emigrated from Russia.

A non-wedding and a funeral complete the story.

Killing Bee 3D

Cornelsen Films created this teaser for its real 3 D movie project Killing Bee with enormous effort. Even the music and sound design were composed and produced with the three dimensional space in mind and finally mixed to 5.1.

A thrilling experience at the movie theater!

Here‘s just a little excerpt in 2D …