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TON & SPOT audiodesign

At least we had an asteroid!

We’re very proud of our collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme on their latest global climate campaign! It’s the first-ever film to be made inside the General Assembly Hall using computer-generated imagery and features global celebrities voicing the dinosaur in numerous languages, including actors Eiza González (Spanish), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Danish), Aïssa Maïga (French), and Hannah Herzsprung (German). Take a look and listen!

Join the team!

New job opening in Business Development (PT, FfM-region)! Check it out:

A bing-bang-boom audioguide

New audioguide for the Musikmuseum Beeskow! The exhibition features mechanical music instruments… and the audioguide features the sound of these instruments. Great fun!

Hip Hop Hooray!

Just in time for the grand opening, we finished the audioguide to the URBAN NATION Museum Berlin’s exhibition of a Martha Cooper retrospective entitled “Taking Pictures”. Martha Cooper is one of the most significant documentary photographers of the 80’s NYC Graffiti and Hip Hop scene. Nifty side note: The audioguide also features some nice sound design and music by your favorite audio provider 😉 The pictures are great, admission is free – so what are you waiting for? More info here:


Yet again, we’re happy about another audioguide ermerging from our hallowed halls: This time about dinosaurs! Many of them! It’s been a lot of fun recording this one for the Dinoland Tüssling, created by COFO Entertainment. The Dinoland opens its doors on July 23 at the Schloßpark Tüssling (Bavaria) and features attractions like a VR-Cinedrom, Dinorides and much more. So if you’re looking for a quick summer get-away with the kids… hop in the car like Fred and ‘Yabba-Dabba-Doo’! Plus: Why not practice your flawless pronounciation of nifty words like Pteranodon, Coelophysis, Pachycephalosaurus, Deinonychus, Euoplocephalus, or -my personal favorite- Ramphorynchus? Bet you’ll have as much fun with these names as we had!

Hear this!

On May 1st, 2005, TON & SPOT officially opened its doors – which means:

We’re in business now for 15 unbelievable years!

Since then we produced music and sound effects for dozens of games for mobile, pc and other proprietary platforms, recorded hundreds of hours of audio for all kinds of stuff, educated about a dozen interns, scored some films, improved your well-considered buying decisions through countless commercials and image movies, went out of our way and thought outside the box by doing funky things like designing speaker enclosures, releasing reverb presets of our studio facilities, measuring camera blimps, field recording in thunder, lightning, storm, rain, snow, and scorching heat, mounting microphones inside machines and outside of vehicles…

In short: We’d certainly have more than one good reason to celebrate with YOU, our clients, friends, and partners in sound, without whom we’ve never made it this far! So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued patronage (some of you continuously from the very beginning!!!) and all the fun you bring to our daily work!

Alas, the current pandemic grounded our high flying plans for a bash at the studio for the foreseeable future. Yet, we’ll get through this one and merely postpone our get-together.

In the meantime, we’ll look forward to raising a socially distanced glass with you on May 1st!

To the next 15!!!

SFX for IGT’s new blockbuster!

We’re very excited having contributed to the soundscape of IGT’s newest 4D blockbuster slot “Jumanji”. Especially the voice over sessions with incredibly talented Robin Merrill are worth checking out this machine…. Welcome to the Jungle!


We’ve finally managed to transition our server space! Our website is online again, our client server has found a new (an much larger) home and our internal CRM, data exchange and other tools are running again smoothly. Took a while but now we’re back!

Audioguide for the Naturpark Nuthe-Nieplitz

For the wildlife reserve Naturpark Nuthe Nieplitz we produced the content of the audioguide. The nature park is located south-west of Berlin and is one of 11 nature parks in Brandenburg. On 623 sqKm it features a unique open landscape and various species. Definitely worth a visit – especially during bird migration! We provided voice over in German and English, including sound design and field recordings of the wild animals….

Dungeon’s calling to the underground!

We’re happy to announce that we just finished the sound design for the Berlin Dungeon’s new show! Get there, get scared! Coming March 23…